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We offer Military Discounts for all members of the armed forces, including those on Active Duty, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees and their immediate family members. Discounts are available on eligible products for all branches whether you are in the U. Call our customer service at OR Send us an email at customerservice wheelfire.

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Wheelfire understands the pressure and determination it takes to put yourself in the line of fire every day or travel thousands of miles to perform active duty tours for months at a time. Even reservists must take time out of their schedule to head back to base for weekend drills on a monthly basis. All of this dedication keeps you away from your families and friends, so we want to make all the service you have done a little easier by giving you a unique offer on qualifying orders. While some brands only offer Military Discounts on certain days or special events, we honor our troops and their families with these rebates all year round.

Even troops currently stationed overseas can access this offer, as long as they contact us with their information and the address the order will be shipped to.

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Take advantage of our huge volume of wheels and tires that qualify for this military discount, contact us now. For questions, concerns or just to let us know what is on your mind, you can use our handy customer service contact page. And thanks, again, for all you have done whether you are or have ever been a:. Roadrunner allowed the wheels to be delivered with lift gate. So the wheels and tires went back to Chicago for another two weeks after they told me they would be priority.

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Such a priority they got lost. I was contacted last Thursday and set up delivery for today.

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They are not here and the delivery company says they had it down for tomorrow delivery. This has been a nightmare. Custom Offsets, get your crap together.

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Why would you ever send wheels and tires with no way to get them off the truck? Why are you using a delivery company that is a total joke? Why do I still not have my wheels? They have been paid for for well over a month and a half. I am more than ticked right now. Re: Custom Offset Buyer Beware.

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Although everything else you're going though is bs, but when my wheels and tires were delivered the truck did not have a lift gate. Nor do most semi trucks that these wheel companies ship though. Remember Its free shipping so it goes to the lowest bidder. It's pretty hard to get a company to ship a large item on a smaller box truck with a lift gate.

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My fathers business deals with it all the time when he has massive wood stoves delivered. For my wheels we ended up un packaging them in the truck and unloaded them one by one.

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But I hope they come though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Sorry to hear this, I can relate to paying and waiting so long. I ordered some backordered tires from custom offsets only to find out that they were no longer in production and shouldn't have been on the site in the first place by the way they are still on there! After deciding on another tire things were moving forward again. Then when got sick of waiting I called and said I had expected a tracking number by now, only to find out they never sent it to me when the tires shipped.

Also, early on in the process I called to change the shipping address to my work, so I could offload the tires with the forklift, however they failed to change the address before shipping.

Aftermarket TPMS Problems - Custom Offsets TPMS Sensors don't work

I ended up driving to the Road Runner facility an hour away to get them myself rather than wait for the change of address BS to slow things down even more said they had to confirm the change with custom offsets. I do love my wheels though! Good luck and hopefully yours show up soon! Did the delivery truck come to your house and try to deliver them? If so why did you just take one wheel at a time by hand?

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