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How have you applied your couponing skills to a good cause recently? Coupons Blog Location Search. Print these coupons now You have not added any coupons to the print queue. Print these coupons now By clicking to print your coupons you agree to our terms of use. Close Clear the queue. We're sorry. Printing redplum. To securely print our coupons please visit redplum.

Login with your existing account Create a new account. You'll need to be logged in to connect a store loyalty program. Set your location Enter your zip code Use selected location. Why get just one deal when you can get three or four all at once? Let me give you an example to explain why:.

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If you can get your hands on more coupons, go back in the store and do it again! Lastly, Extreme Couponers make good use of store coupons as well i.

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This simply makes a sweet deal even sweeter. Now that you know what all the levels are, what level of couponer are you? You just need to find the right moves to use coupons in conjunction with store sales and promotions, and then enjoy the satisfaction of getting items for free or close to free. If you wait for a store to have a sale, you can really win out and find yourself saving much more. Sound familiar? The smart move is to get multiple copies of the same coupon, so that if you come across a deal you can maximize your savings. Acquire as many as you can, using these top sources:.

Coupon inserts and local ads are the best places to start. Just a few years ago, the Internet might not have been worth your time for finding coupons. You had to dig around for far too long to find the right deals in your area.

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Now, individuals and various websites are curating the best deals available and, better yet, setting up local deals to get in on coupons and big sales. Have you ever seen those small devices in the aisles that blink and share coupons? All I had to do was write to Kraft and ask. Even if you pick up four Sunday newspapers, you can get some extra free coupons by building a rapport with your neighbors and asking them for their coupon inserts.

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Plenty of people buy the paper and then scrap the money-saving inserts. After a walk up and down the block, they have around ten copies of great coupons they can use. But where will you keep them without losing track or letting them take over your home and your life? You need to know which products you have coupons for, and when your coupons expire.

Since there are plenty of options available, think about the pros and cons of two popular choices.

Free Extreme Couponing Event in San Fernando Valley! Monday, January 28!

You can also use pocket pages for coupons that expire quickly within a day or two of the day you find them or coupons that are only valid at a particular store. The coupon binder is simple and handy, but it has a few drawbacks.


In short, the whole inserts method saves you time, while the coupon binder method puts you in more control at the store. Keep it simple and get comfortable at the register. But for this first target, let it go something like this:. If you see what looks like a good sale, check to see if you have a coupon for that item.

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Do the math and determine if the new price is a good enough deal for you. If it is, compile your multiple coupons and get as many items as you can in a single transaction. Buy-one-get-one BOGO deals are great because sometimes you can use a coupon on the free item too.

Take a look at the math:. Using the pasta and toothpaste again as examples, my entries look like this:. Often, cashiers are unaware of policy changes, so they might let you use your coupons today, but tomorrow a different cashier may reject them. Some look the other way on expired coupons. Remain calm and be polite. Just remember that you are not obligated to buy the item simply because you took it off the shelf. If the deal does not work out in your favor, do not buy the item at all.

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You are the customer, and you should never feel guilty about trying to get a good deal. Next, take a look at some extra resources to help spur you along the path of extreme couponing greatness. Plenty of websites are dedicated to helping you save money at the checkout lane. You will receive an email from me by Friday this week RSS Feed. Hello my name is Tamika. Lets make sure the money in your bank account My mission is to help others by teaching them how to coupon and giving to those in need. So this week, I went through my stock pile and picked up some of the great deals around town to give to the local homeless shelter.

The Lighthouse provides separate facilities for men and women, as well as apartment rooms for families. It is a c 3 non-profit Christian-based organization. It provides a safe home-type environment to sleep, three solid meals each day, counseling and spiritual services to all its residents. Katherine Cain. Shelley lewis link. Shelley Lewis. I sent it in, thanks again. Let me know of any questions. Shelley Lewis link.